Taylor Swift happens to be the world’s biggest selling music star since 2008. She has recorded a total of 14 new songs for the new album. All the songs were written by Miss. Taylor herself. The album is entitled ‘Speak Now’.

She states that saying the correct thing at the most appropriate time is so vital that most people in a way start hesitating. She further adds that what she has started to fear more is letting the time pass by while you say nothing at all.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift also talks about ‘Speak Now’, being an extremely personal account. She says that the album has songs about the stuff that she could never say when the moment was right.

These songs are in a way just like open letters. Each and every one of them is written with a precise person in mind. She says that the people who are the themes of her song, would be in a way told what she never could tell them, when the time was right.

Taylor and Nathan Chapman have co-produced this album and it would be released on October 25. The single ‘Mine’ would be released on August 16.

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