Kayne West premiers new songs for a Social Networking site


Kanye West took a little time off on July 28 as he stopped by to premier some of his newer songs from his forthcoming album at the headquarters of a popular social networking site. He was in Palo Alto, California.

He was seen rapping a Capella version of the song ‘Lost in the World’ for the staff of the social networking site that was present there.

Kanye West

This was indeed an unusual audience where he introduced his newer material. He was, however, encouraged a lot and was asked to perform again.

He simply politely requested everyone to quiet down. He subsequently performed the song ‘Chain Heavy’. The audience was supportive and laughed at each and every witty line of the song.

He later sang the popular ‘Mama’s Boyfriend’, and also said that it took over three decades, exactly 33 years to write and apologize since he had used a censored word; ironically he is allowed to do so these days.

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Posted by IndianGlam on 29 July, 2010
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