Alternative Metal Band Ill Nino cancels Tour


Ill Nino, the popular alternative metal band from New Jersey has canceled their tour. The show scheduled in the first week of an upcoming European tour has been canceled.

Ill Nino vocalist, Cristian Machado was put into a hospital only last week, and after several tests it was found that he had a total of six herniated discs. He also had a pressurized nerve right against his spinal cord.

Ill Nino

Cris presently is going through a very important treatment and therapy to get back to his health.

The band also confirms that once he recovers, the band would commence on to their European festival starting off with the Wacken Open Air festival on August 6 and conclude on August 22. The band also has apologized to its fans for the disappointment caused.

We wish the energetic frontman a speedy recovery as well and hope to see him get back on stage and entertain.

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Posted by IndianGlam on 29 July, 2010
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